Darcy Dean Boat Tours

Welcome aboard the Darcy Dean!

My name is Jerry Creamer, I’m a fisherman and have made my living from the sea for the last 40+ years. With this experience, I have a wealth of knowledge of the local area; I know the history, the folklore, the legends and the best fishing spots that never disappoint.

While I can’t guarantee it, there’s an excellent chance you’ll see dolphins, seals, whales and other marine life that frequent the waters of Chedabucto Bay.

Fishin - Sarge

If you feel like fishing, we have all the gear and will be happy to oblige. If you’d rather just sit back and soak in the beauty of our coastline while we visit the famed Fogarty’s Cove, that’s also an excellent idea.

No appointments are necessary and we’re RV friendly, so stop in and enjoy life on the east coast!